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The Team from Seattle is Here!

Last week was a very busy week for us. Nathan left on Monday and for the rest of the week Sean and I taught a large 5 Day Club (60+ kids) by ourselves! On Thursday afternoon Marshall and Kim Pennell and Jessica Ching arrived in from Florida. On Friday the rest of their team from Seattle arrived in the evening. They were tired from traveling all day but they had no issues getting into the country.

Today (Monday) is their first day of ministry. They are teaching 4 5Day Clubs in the mornings and have a work project in the afternoons. They will be laying tile down, installing cabinets, installing a toilet and painting the inside and outside of house for a recent widow with children. She is currently living in a house with a tarp for a roof and the government has given her a house to move into… but it is nowhere near move in ready. One of her children will be at a 5Day Club the team is teaching this week!

It seems they will be able to reach hundreds of children this week and change the lives of a local family! We are excited to see all that God will do through them!

We would appreciate your prayers for the team and for us!

We also celebrated Sean’s 25th birthday yesterday! Even though things are hectic right now he still had a great day complete with dinner (the team took us out) and an Auburn cake. 🙂

Sean's Birthday Cake

A Summer Full of Ministry

We’ve been fairly busy here… summer is in full swing! We will say goodbye to Nathan in a few days and hello to a mission trip team from Seattle right afterwards! In the meantime between Sean, Nathan and myself, we have taught several 5 Day Clubs and seen many children come to Christ!

Nevis Clubs

The week after Nathan arrived he and Sean rode the ferry to and from Nevis everyday to teach a 5 Day Club. After Monday the club became so large they had to split the children into two clubs! At least three children received Christ that week!

Saddlers and Sandy Point Clubs

The next week all three of us (plus Maddy) taught a 5 Day Club in Saddlers on the north side of the island. This club also became too large and we ended up splitting the group into two clubs! Maddy really enjoyed being part of the club and she made a lot friends.

Maddy and her Friends

In the afternoons Sean and Nathan taught a club in Sandy Point on the far west side of the island. This club was a little different in that the kids weren’t really “into it” at the beginning. However as the week went on the kids became more excited and a few of them received Christ and others were assured of the salvation they seemed to already have!

Mission Trip Week

The Graysons and Joneses had a mission trip team from their home church in for two weeks. So Sean and Nathan helped a lot with the transportation and also helped with some of the ministry they did in Fig Tree. (Where our Good News Club takes place on Monday evenings). The rest of the time we all enjoyed getting to know them and hanging out with each other. Nathan even climbed the volcano with them and went down into the crater! It was sad to see them go back home… their two weeks here went by so quickly.

Stapleton 5 Day Club

Monday and Tuesday of this week were both holidays (Emancipation Day and Culture-ama) so the 5 Day Club turned into a 3 Day Club. Sean and Nathan are teaching in a place we have never really been before. On the first day, they started singing one of the songs and some of the kids began singing along and doing the motions! Apparently they were part of a 5 Day Club from last summer when the CEF team from Wisconsin came! It’s so awesome how the Lord brings these kids back for more discipleship!

Nathan and kids in Stapleton

The club is on the small side so Sean really felt like the Lord wanted him to give the kids something all three days. We had tracts and booklets for the first two days but nothing to give them on the third. Sean was confident that the Lord would provide… and He did! This morning Sean picked up a huge box of booklets about the life of Christ!

Next Week

We have one club planned for next week. Nathan will help teach Monday morning but he leaves in the afternoon to go back home. We have certainly enjoyed having him here and we will really miss him when he is gone. He has been a tremendous help for the ministry and has been a great friend to us. So for the rest of the week Sean and I will be teaching the club.

On Friday we will welcome a mission trip team from Seattle! They will be here for 10 days, teach several 5 Day Clubs, have numerous work projects and of course enjoy parts of the island in their “spare time”. 🙂

Other Interesting Happenings

Hurricane season is in full force! We’ve had a few tropical waves dump a lot of rain on the island and Ernesto skirted just south of us. It seems every week here lately we are watching to see what the next set of storms are going to do.

It’s also time for centipedes. We were told by our neighbors we would start seeing them in the summer and in the last week we’ve gone from seeing none to four! We even found one in our house! Yuck! These little boogers will sting and supposedly it hurts really bad. They can get to be several inches long too.

Our Bible studies are over for now because the Ross students are studying for their finals and then have a two-week break. When classes start back up we will be attending a marriage study with other couples. We will be studying the book “When Sinners Say I Do”. The couple leading the study have been married for many years (they are grandparents) and the wife is a certified marriage counselor! Sean will be busy with two TCE’s in the Fall so this will be the only Bible study he can attend and we get to go together!

Please keep Nathan in your prayers as he travels back to Oregon on Monday and please pray for the team from Seattle coming in on Friday. Pray for safety and for them to have no issues with customs in St. Kitts. Ultimately, pray for many children to come to Christ through their ministry!