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February Happenings

It’s hard to believe March is here! We are busy busy here in St. Kitts…


Last week Beverly and Jan (American CEF workers in the Caribbean) and some family visited us! We always enjoy hosting people so we can show them around, hang out and even do some ministry together. We loved getting to know them better.

They were so gracious and brought school supplies to give out to needy kids at a nearby village. The students were grateful to have pencil sharpeners because they were using knives instead. Sean and our guests also spoke at a morning assembly at William Connor Primary School where they shared an Easter lesson with the kids. We have an on-going relationship with this school and are in the process of getting the first ever After School Good News Club in St. Kitts started there.

Kids at William Connor Primary

Students at William Connor Primary School

Meeting with Many Pastors

Mavis Huggins, the new National Director in St. Kitts, has set up several meetings with pastors in the next week. Like I mentioned above, we are trying to start the first ever After School Good News Club in St. Kitts at William Connor. However, it’s not just the first GNC… it will also be the first church partnership too! The vision is for the churches in St. Kitts to “adopt” a local primary school, supply all the volunteers and really pour into the kids they teach. We will train them and provide the materials needed for them to have their own church’s ministry in the school.

William Connor will be the first… so Sean and Mavis are sharing the vision with pastors in the area this week and next. It is our hope that we could start at least one 6 week series before the end of this school year!

What Is The Gospel? Books Are Here

We received all of the books just this week! We are so thankful to have them and will be handing out all 150 in the next coming months!

What Is The Gospel? Books Are Here

One box of What Is The Gospel? Books

Saying Goodbye

On Monday Luke and Jamie Jones will be leaving St. Kitts. They are missionaries here but are returning home. We have enjoyed getting to know them and they have become dear friends. We are sad to see them go and we will miss them very much.


Please pray for the pastors Sean and Mavis are meeting with to “catch the vision” and see the need to reach out to these kids. And please also pray for the upcoming Teacher Training course in Nevis this Spring.

It is so exciting to see the ministry really taking off here!

Thank you!



All of The Money Has Been Raised!

In our last blog post we asked for your prayers and gifts to fund something called, What Is The Gospel? Project. It is our desire that all of the teachers we train in St. Kitts and Nevis know the Gospel so intimately that they teach it properly to children.

The books are donated by The Gospel Coalition but we needed to pay for shipping them to St. Kitts.

Within days of asking for your help we received all of the funds necessary!!

We are so grateful to the Lord for providing the money needed and we are blown away by how quickly the money was given! Wow!

We will be posting about the books as soon as we receive them! Thank you so much!

In Other News…

On February 1st Mavis Huggins, the new National Director, began work. Sean has been working with her everyday as she becomes more familiar with the ministry and what her duties entail. She will be working alongside Sean until the Fall when she will attend CMI (Children’s Ministries Institute) in Missouri to complete her training.

Last weekend the National Board along with Sean and Mavis had their annual board retreat. They were able to get some practical strategies developed to reach all of the children in the country, they planned fundraising events for the next year (including a walk in March that Sean and I will participate in) and they set goals for 2013.

The board, Mavis and Sean believe we should be able to confidently step out of our role by January 2014.

We are so excited to see the Lord growing CEF here in St. Kitts and Nevis!

And because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, here are a few sweet cards from our students in Good News Club!

Valentines Day Card 1

Valentines Day Card 2

Valentines Day Card 3

Valentines Day Card 4

Happy Valentines Day!