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Where We are Going Next…

After much prayer and conversation we are ready to announce where we are going after our time in St. Kitts is over!

From the start, our plan was to work ourselves out of a job in St. Kitts and our goal was to serve for two years with the intention of staying longer if necessary. Well we are super pleased to say that we have full confidence to step out of our position in St. Kitts by January… exactly two years since moving!

We had four goals when coming to St. Kitts… to have a local office, ministry taking place in all parts of the island, a National Board trained and raising funds for the ministry and to have a National Director hired and trained to take over the work.

All four of these goals have been met! Well… almost.

Mavis Huggins was hired as the National Coordinator at the beginning of this year and has been working with Sean extensively. In a little under one month, she will travel to Warrenton, Missouri for the three month Children’s Ministries Institute training with CEF. When she returns in November she will officially have completed every benchmark needed and will be ready to take over the ministry completely. We, of course, will remain here until mid-January to help with the transition.


When we first felt led to move to St. Kitts, around 20 countries in the Caribbean were considered unreached by CEF. That number has gone down to just five!

Turks and Caicos is one of the countries left and we are so excited to let everyone know we will be moving there next year!

turks and caicos map


Lord willing, we will leave St. Kitts mid-January 2014 and will travel to Turks and Caicos for about a week and half to meet some pastors, make connections, look at housing and get a brief glimpse of life on the islands. Afterwards we will return to the States for a five month furlough and plan on moving to Turks and Caicos in July.

There are many similarities between St. Kitts & Nevis and Turks & Caicos… the population, number of children and way of life are around the same.

But there are differences, the biggest is our time commitment. Instead of serving two years like we have in St. Kitts and Nevis, we are committing to four years in Turks and Caicos. We inherited a year’s worth of initial work in St. Kitts but we will basically be starting from scratch in Turks and Caicos… which requires a longer time commitment. However our goal is the same… to work ourselves out of a job… so if all of the benchmarks are reached early then we will be ready to step out of our position if necessary.


As of now, we definitely are not experts about Turks and Caicos, our knowledge is fairly limited. But we do know a few things…

– Turks and Caicos is about 600 miles southeast from Miami and 130 miles north of Haiti.

– Turks and Caicos is made up of MANY islands but only eight are inhabited.

– It is a British Overseas Territory.

– The capital is Cockburn Town and the most populous town is Providenciales.

– They speak English but 15% of the population is Haitian which speak mainly Creole.

– There is little children’s ministry.

– According to a local pastor Sean spoke with, the Gospel is simply assumed.

– Their currency is the U.S. Dollar.

– Tourism and off-shore banking make up most of the economy.

– I’m not going to lie… it’s beautiful!

– The country is in a direct path for many tropical storms and hurricanes.

– They still have large bugs and centipedes.

– No monkeys… but they do have iguanas.

– The islands are mostly arid and flat… it only rains 30 days out of the year.

– There is no fresh water. Their water comes from rain and a salt-filtration system… basically water is a precious commodity and expensive.


There is still work to be done in St. Kitts for the remainder of our time. Mavis will be gone for three months, we have another mission team coming soon and we are starting After-school Good News Clubs this Fall with church partnerships… plus training classes, ministry to kids and everything else that comes along.

But we are excited about Turks and Caicos and wanted to let everyone know where the Lord is leading us!


Ireland Trip Recap!

Well, the team from CEF of Ireland has come and gone. We were able to spend 10 days with the team and they were truly a blast! Things are a little down without them here now.

They taught 3 5 Day Clubs at two primary schools and a church VBS reaching 167 children! They also visited a local church where Chris preached the sermon and Helen taught the Sunday School lesson.

DSC_0093 (2)edit

The team at Bronte-Welsh Primary School

This was our first true CEF mission team to host. We really didn’t have to do any training… in fact, we were the ones learning different techniques from them! They are all gifted teachers!

DSC_0028 (2)edit

Chris teaching the Bible Lesson at Bronte-Welsh


Holly teaching the Memory Verse at Tucker-Clarke Primary


Helen teaching  about John Paton, the missionary story


Phil teaching the Bible Lesson

We loved their accents and it truly was interesting to have Irish, Southern and Caribbean accents altogether in one room!

The kids loved the team and paid close attention during all three clubs.


Students at Tucker-Clarke

DSC_0027 (2)edit

Listening attentively to Chris at Bronte-Welsh


Singing along at Salem Gospel Hall 5 Day Club/VBS

To be honest, as far as ministry goes along, this was the the smoothest week of clubs we have ever had!

The team members were real troopers too. It was very hot and humid for most of the time and they stayed in the office which does not have air conditioning. When it rained, the office roof leaked in several places and they would need to clean it up. They were very packed into our van and never complained. Plus, apparently they do not have many bugs in Ireland so between spiders, no-see-ums, and a swarm of flying ants… they were awesome!

Other than clubs we were able to do some touristy things like see parts of the island, visit Downtown Basseterre and Port Zante… and of course go to the beach!

Sean and I have noticed that each mission team has a “Thing” that goes wrong or not according to plan. Chris and Helen brought their sweet 7 month old boy along and toward the end of the trip he became sick. We ended up taking him to the doctor the day before they left and the poor thing had tonsillitis. Thankfully after just one day on an antibiotic he seemed to be doing much better.

Here are some more pictures just for fun.


The kids always LOVE playing Zonk!


This girl really wanted to answer the question… and I love Sean and Maddy in the background!


Little Zackari was very popular with the kids

DSC_0100 (2)edit

Phil showing off his muscles

DSC_0104 (2)edit

Holly with the girls… and that is how Maddy says “Cheese”.


Cute little Zackari. He is such a happy baby!


Playing a review game… human basketball with crumbled paper


The look on his face is priceless! And you can see the paper ball mid-air.


The kids loved this game!


Maddy really attached herself to Holly. She is already saying how much she misses her and that we need to get on the British Airways plane and go stay at her house in Ireland! (Sorry Holly! Haha!)

Ireland team at airport

Saying goodbye at the airport.

We truly enjoyed this team and they are definitely missed! To Holly, Phil, Helen, Chris and Zackari… you are more than welcome to come back anytime you wish!

Beach Allen 5 Day Clubs

Last week Sean, myself, Mavis and Vicki (a volunteer we teach with at our Fig Tree Good News Club) taught two separate 5 Day Clubs at Beach Allen Primary School.

All of the schools take what they call the “Test of Standard” at the end of the school year. The test is intense and only those who pass are allowed to go onto the next grade level. Once the tests have been completed, the children stay in school for another month awaiting their scores. This portion of the school year (after the tests) is optional and all of the teachers are busy grading tests. So we have an opportunity to teach 5 Day Clubs in the public schools!

We taught the 5th and 6th graders in one club, and the 3rd-4th graders in the other.

The week started off a little crazy. Mavis came on Monday very sick and although she pushed through that day, she was out until Friday. Vicki’s knee became swollen and painful on Tuesday and she ended up missing the last two days of club. The 2nd and 3rd graders had NO school teachers on Monday at all… it was complete anarchy! But as the week went on the kids in both clubs listened more and more. On Thursday Sean was able to counsel a 5th grader, Aaliyah, who made a profession of faith in Christ!



Maddy praying


Vicki teaching the memory verse


Sunglasses are a must for 5 Day Club


Mavis teaching the Bible lesson


It’s so tiring!


The girls LOVED Maddy


Sean teaching the memory verse on Friday


They don’t look like it but the boys really wanted their picture taken!


Aaliyah showing her Flipper-Flapper


We thought Maddy was using the Flipper-Flapper to share the Gospel with this teacher… they were actually talking about princesses!


Playing Uno after Club… they smoked Sean!


Saying bye to some of the girls


Posing by the van before we left on Friday

We just love the kids at Beach Allen Primary! The mission/senior trip from Alabama a few weeks ago taught the 1st and 2nd graders so we were able to have 5 Day Clubs with the entire school in the month of June!

Mission Trip Team from Ireland!

The team arrives on Saturday! They will be here from July 6th-16th and will be teaching three clubs a day next week. We are so looking forward to working with them. Please pray for the team as they make their final preparations before leaving, pray for them to have smooth travels, for their safety while in St. Kitts and for their fruitfulness in ministry!

We can’t wait to have Irish, Southern and Caribbean accents all in one room… it should be fun!