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Go… Wait… Go.

That is what the last few weeks have been like for us here in TCI. We start something only to see it be put on hold, start again, stop again, and so on.

We have patiently been waiting for a huge shipment from CEF headquarters full of curriculum, promotional items, CD’s, tracks, songs, devotional books… pretty much everything we would need to start a new chapter. We personally do not have much in supplies because we left it all with the St. Kitt’s chapter. But we didn’t anticipate it taking this long to get our shipment in. Fortunately that shipment arrived two weeks ago. Unfortunately we have yet to clear it from customs. Fortunately we were able to get a letter that waives the majority of duty we would owe. Unfortunately we need to have the pastor who got the letter come with us to get the shipment and he is a busy man. Fortunately he and Sean were able to go up to the customs office last week to get our stuff. Unfortunately there was a mix up with the billing from the shipping company and they will have to wait until this week… hopefully.

We scheduled a Good News Club training with a church for last Tuesday. This is the club we are currently helping with and we needed more volunteers from the church. We were hoping to have our teaching materials in but they were stuck at customs of course. Regardless, we were excited to have our first training take place but Sean received a call that afternoon saying the training was cancelled. We will be trying again in the next few weeks.

Three weeks ago Sean ordered an idling sensor and a visitor to another church/school kindly brought it down from the States with him. When the mechanics replaced it, the problem became worse and our vehicle would randomly die several times while driving it. After a few days the mechanics said even though the part SAYS it fits our car… it does not and we needed a different type. Of course, nobody on the island had the part we needed and the companies back home didn’t have it in stock either. So Auto Zone had to order it and then Sean’s mother sent it to us. As of last Friday our vehicle is working great. A three week long problem here would’ve been fixed within a few days back home. Life on an island!

Other things have happened though! Sean taught a memory verse and Bible lesson in the main service at our church here, Harvest Bible Chapel. It was great to show everyone what we do! I wanted to take a picture of him, but it was kind of hard to do while holding a baby!

Maddy officially started homeschool kindergarten the first week of October. She is doing great! And last week she started soccer! They have a 5 – 7 year old group of girls that practice Monday afternoons and play a game on Saturday mornings. She is having so much fun!



Riley-Grace has hit a few milestones too. She was really into watching us eat and would move her tongue around like she had food in her mouth so we tried some rice cereal with her. She loved it! But after a week we discovered she wanted more! We gave her a teeny taste of guacamole and she went crazy wanting more… this was after nursing and cereal! So we fed her a slice of banana mushed up… you would have thought we had been starving her! So even though it’s a month early (she will be 5 months old next week) she is now eating table foods and thoroughly enjoying them. She also outgrew her infant carseat and has moved up to the bigger convertible carseat. She has so much more room now and doesn’t cry as much when we go places… who knew?! And last week she started rolling over from her tummy to her back… which means no more swaddling, at least not her arms. It was a rough few days but the last couple of nights she has slept through and it seems like she is getting used to having her arms free.

DSC_0009Watching big sis play soccer… so serious!

DSC_0009First rice cereal

And last week I turned 31… how did that happen? Sean made me delicious food and sent me off for a facial. Maddy spent some of her own money buying me pink roses. I got to take a nap, amen! And I finished the night hanging out with Sean watching Duck Dynasty. It was a wonderful birthday.

Hopefully we will be able to clear the shipment this week and get the ball rolling on some training!


Our Turks and Caicos House

We thought it would be fun to show you our house! We get so many questions about what our house looks like we wanted to do kind of a “home tour” for everyone. We so wish we could give you a tour in person but a slightly goofy video is the next best thing right? We also included pictures for those of you who can’t (or don’t want to) watch a video. Of course, the video shows a lot more than what the pictures can.

Some things to know, we started the video in the car because we wanted you to see what our neighborhood kind of looks like… and it’s hot so you can definitely hear the AC blowing full blast!

Also, we are a little cramped but when we get an office and move all of our CEF stuff into it, we will have more room for storage.

The house is not super clean and it’s not quite where we want it yet. We still have some organization and decoration to do!

And, I think I sound silly but oh well!

Enjoy the cameos from Maddy and Riley-Grace!


Here are the pictures…

DSC_0445Our Living Room – and the TV came with the house 😉

DSC_0447The kitchen and dining area


DSC_0450Our bathroom with double sinks!!

DSC_0451Our bedroom with mismatched pillows and Riley-Grace’s changing mat on our bed!

DSC_0452Another view of our room

DSC_0454Maddy’s room… she made her bed by herself. Can you tell? 🙂

DSC_0455Another view of her room. Eventually the girls will share it.

DSC_0457The girls’ bathroom

That’s it!

 I hope you enjoyed our home tour!