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Back To St. Kitts Recap

In April we had the amazing opportunity to be in St. Kitts for a week! None of us had been back to our home since we left in January 2014. It was also Riley-Grace’s first time in St. Kitts, at least on the outside of my belly. We wondered how we would feel… would it feel different? Would it feel the same? Would we feel out of place? Or would we feel home? Maddy was really the most excited out of all of us… she couldn’t wait to see her best friend, Audri, again!

Audri and Maddy reunited!

Audri and Maddy reunited!

Maddy really struggled when we moved from St. Kitts. While we were in the States having Riley-Grace she would tell people that she wasn’t from Alabama, she was from St. Kitts. She had nights when she would cry because she missed her home so much. Even when we moved to Turks & Caicos she would tell use she wanted to go back “home” (St. Kitts). After a few months in Turks & Caicos she adjusted, and she definitely feels like Montgomery is her home now but she still really misses her life, her house and her friends in St. Kitts. Really, we all do.

Brandon and I back on radio!

Brandon and I back on radio!

Passion fruit juice at the Graysons!

Passion fruit juice at the Graysons!

So when Mavis asked Sean if we could help with her Good News Club training conference we started praying it would work out! Maddy would have to miss school and most importantly, we would need the finances to get all of us there. To be honest, we’ve had quite a bit of supporters stop giving since we came to Montgomery and we weren’t sure we would have the money to travel but the Lord provided the EXACT amount we needed!

st. kitts1

Ready to get on the plane in MGM!

From the moment we saw St. Kitts from the airplane window we felt “home”. It’s so hard to describe. But as we walked off the plane and went to customs, it was the most “at home” feeling we’ve had in over two years. We were greeted at the airport by our friends, The Graysons and Mavis. Maddy and Audri were VERY excited to see each other. We introduced Riley-Grace to everyone and she immediately reached for Brandon! We stayed with the Graysons for the week and it felt as if we had never left. The girls played constantly… we were in the house with them but hardly ever saw them! Riley-Grace lived on an island for a year in Turks & Caicos so she took to life in St. Kitts like she had always been there. The entire week was such a sweet time of reunions with so many people!

st. kitts10

(L-R) Got to drive our old van—Mavis and me—view from the CEF national office!

st. kitts3

St. Kitts humidity caused Riley-Grace’s hair to curl!


st. kitts4

Still having to do homework!

There were so many exciting things that happened during the week that I could write a small book… from the spiritual warfare we experienced to the great ways the Lord provided for the training conference… it’s hard to recall everything that happened. But that’s what it’s like in St. Kitts. The craziness (good and bad) is part of daily life… it’s normal to have highs and lows all in one days, every single day. We don’t miss the stress of it all but we do miss our life there, and we miss the community we had there. Everyone is always available, always… in a way we have never experienced anywhere else.

st. kitts14

Training local Bible teachers in Nevis!

st. kitts12

CEF National Director Mavis Huggins teaching in St. Kitts!

st. kitts9

Olivet Gospel Hall—a wonderful church in St. Kitts that many of our friends attend! They were gracious to host the CEF training conference!

st. kitts8

Mavis and Mandi teaching!

st. kitts6

The Lord provided for us to stay at the Marriott one night! What a huge and fun surprise that was!

st. kitts5

Riley-Grace loved her first time at the St. Kitts Marriott pool!

When it was time to leave it was like moving all over again… like we were saying goodbye to our home all over again. It was hard and we were sad. We would go back in a heartbeat!