A Week of Preparations

This week and last week have been very slow for us ministry wise. The National Board meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for this week and other than our Good News Club at Fig Tree, not much has happened.

Not that we are complaining. It’s been nice to relax a little before summer comes. Two mission teams have already purchased their tickets, a third is in the planning stages, an intern will be helping us for six weeks and Sean’s family is staying for a month… we know things will be crazy.

Not only will the summer be busy with mission teams doing 5 Day Clubs, but Sean is already getting calls for us to do them by ourselves. I think we will be very thankful to have an intern helping! That would give us three workers (Sean, myself and Nathan our summer intern) to teach the 5 Day Clubs when the mission teams aren’t here.

So, this week Sean is continuing to prepare for the mission teams, scheduling our summer and preparing for a Board training next month. I am busy getting our house ready for Saturday. Sean’s mother, two of his brothers and his sister fly in to visit us for the next month! Maddy is SO EXCITED to see her “Mimi”, “Unkee Micah”, “Unkee Wuke” and “Aunt Heder”. 🙂 Sean and I are excited to see our family and have visitors!

Other than a trip to Nevis tomorrow to deliver curriculum and a (hopeful) board meeting tomorrow evening, not much is happening. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a calm week before things take off. Next week is already shaping up to be busy.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Are you on instagram? We regularly take pictures about our time here in St. Kitts! Find Sean by searching for his username: seanianmiller and me at: MrsMandiM

Here is a picture we took out of Maddy’s window a few days ago!

Monkeys in our Yard



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