An “Easy” Week

Bible Studies, Our First Beach Trip, Board Retreat and Visiting Another Church!

Most of last week was fairly slow for us… it seems we are finally starting to settle into a routine. Sean has set up a makeshift office at the end of our kitchen table, so he works most of the day while Maddy and I go about our day. I go to Bible Study on Sunday evenings, Sean goes to Bible Study on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we go grocery shopping on Thursday and the rest of the week is filled with whatever seems to happen!

The National Board Retreat

The retreat was held Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The board and Sean were able to get together and create a strategic plan for the next few years. The board members are ready to get started and they seem excited to do their part in creating a long-withstanding nationally led ministry! Sean is very pleased to know that although he has a lot of work to do, he will not be in this alone. It truly seems to be a partnership between him and the national board! Some of the highlighted goals they decided upon are to have eight Good News Clubs ready by September of this year, 20 5 Day Clubs this summer, an office space by April that would be locally funded and for some kind of ministry taking place in every geographical area by the end of this year!

Good News Baptist Church

On Sunday we attended the Good News Baptist Church with the Board Secretary. It was a smaller church but everyone was so warm and friendly! This church is very connected with CEF in St. Kitts so we will definitely be partnering with them for Good News Clubs, 5 Day Clubs and many other ministry opportunities!

After service there were a handful of girls around 7-8 years old who wanted to play with Maddy. One of them asked me if they could play with her and when I gave the “okay” they grabbed her hands and took her outside. A few minutes later when we went outside to get Maddy we found them walking around the church, each taking turns holding Maddy’s hands! They were fascinated by her! Maddy, of course, loved the attention!

We Finally Went to the Beach!

After being here for three weeks, we met up with the Graysons and the Joneses (missionaries living here) for an afternoon at the beach! They took us to a beach very few people go to but it was perfect for kids! The reef breaks up the waves to create a wading area for toddlers and preschoolers. Maddy was able to “swim” to heart’s delight and not worry about a wave knocking her down. And the water? Crystal clear. Sean went with the guys and got to snorkel! It was nice to spend a couple of hours at the beach since we have been working so much these last few weeks.

It’s Not Going to be Easy for Long

Now that we have a strategic plan in place our work will be taking off. There is a lot to be done but we are both eager to see this country know Christ! Boredom will not be a problem for us! šŸ™‚

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