An Eventful October!

Whew! October has been one of the craziest months so far. Between a really intense tropical storm, our Meet the King distribution, TCE class and a trip home for me… it’s been one busy month!

Margaret Smith Came to Visit

Maggie, the missionary from Guyana who opened up the work of CEF in St. Kitts last year came to visit us! She was here for a week helping Sean with the TCE class and other various projects! It was so nice to see her again! She left on Friday the 12th which was good because…

Tropical Storm Rafael

On Saturday the 13th, Tropical Storm Rafael hit St. Kitts and Nevis. It brought us 65+ mph wind gusts and a ton of rain. It started raining the Monday before the storm hit and rained off and on all week. Once the storm hit on Saturday the rain didn’t stop until the following Tuesday.

Many people were without power, including us. Our power actually held through the worst of the storm but Sunday morning it went out and stayed off until 10pm Monday evening. We were lucky. Others didn’t get power until well into the week and many were without water.

Tropical Storm Rafael in St. Kitts

Tropical Storm Rafael in St. Kitts and Nevis

Tropical Storm Rafael in St. Kitts and Nevis

Tropical Storm Rafael in St. Kitts and Nevis

It will take a while to get things all cleaned up but praise God nobody died from the storm! Although the island experiences storms often, this one dumped record amounts of rain.

Our Good News Club in Fig Tree was cancelled and Sean had to reschedule some of the assemblies for our Meet the King Distribution but other than that things are returning to normal.

A Week in America

I (Mandi) flew to the States Wednesday the 17th to get minor surgery for two ingrown toenails. After daily visits to the doctor for two weeks we all decided my only option was to go home and have the procedure done there. My doctor (my St. Kitts doctor) strongly urged us not to attempt the procedure here because they simply do not perform ingrown toenail extractions and it would not be very safe if they tried.

Sean and Maddy stayed in St. Kitts and I enjoyed a relaxing week back home with two trips to Chick-Fil-A! (Except for the part where I had minor surgery on two of my toes).  My toes seem to be recovering nicely and I should be back to normal by next week!

Our Tickets for the Holidays Are Purchased!

We will be flying back to the States (all of us this time) on December 17th! We are excited to have our tickets confirmed! We all really miss our family and friends and are looking forward to some much needed rest! We will be in America for one month and will purchase our returning tickets very soon. Thank you to everyone who gave and prayed for us to be able to come home for Christmas! We are still in need of the remaining funds and are confident the Lord will continue to provide!

 Update on ‘Meet the King’ Distribution

Just this week Sean passed out the 2000th Meet the King booklet! That’s 2000 children so far who have not only heard the Gospel but took it home with them to their families! Sean has been stopped in the grocery store twice by kids thanking him for the book! When I returned to St. Kitts and was waiting on my luggage, one of the luggage handlers and I were talking about our family being missionaries in St. Kitts… and he said, “Are you the ones passing out the Jesus booklets in all of the schools?” The best part is that we still have several more schools to attend!

Coming Up

We are almost finished with our Fall TCE (Teaching Children Effectively) class, Sean has finished up his series on the radio and preached his final sermon on Philippians at our church last Sunday. I would say things are settling down but we never know what God has for us! Just when we think we are slowing down, the Lord has us pick up the pace again!

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