Celebrating 80 Years of God’s Faithfulness!

1937…a great year by God’s grace! In that year, the beautiful and gloriously delicious Krispy Kreme donut was available for public consumption.


The Hobbit is published by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1937.

Cost of a gallon of gas in 1937 was 10 cents.

Also in 1937, Child Evangelism Fellowship officially started with the mission to serve and work with local churches as they reach out to the children in their communities. The goal back then and now is every child in every country hearing the truths of the Gospel, being discipled in the Word of God, and the children and their families being established in local churches.

May 8-13, 2017 Mandi, Charlotte and I went to the triennial CEF International Conference in Ridgecrest, NC (thanks to Sean’s Mom for taking care of RG and Maddy!). Over 1,500 people were there from over 100 countries! It was by far the largest CEF international conference ever held, and it was a special conference because we celebrated 80 years of God’s faithfulness to CEF ministry around the world. We also give praise to God that CEF has nationally led ministry in almost every country of the world!

I had the opportunity to lead two workshops on “Zeal Without Burnout“, a workshop based on the amazing book by Christopher Ash. I gave away four of those books, and the first workshop was translated simultaneously in three other languages. This was a little distracting at first, but it meant that this session was going to be taken back to many other countries and used to serve and encourage CEF workers in their own language!

CEF is made up of 96% national missionaries, people serving in their own country. This is a foundational belief with CEF, that it is God’s design for the local people to reach the local children.

That is why we do what we do now as missionaries, we help the national leaders and board members in the Caribbean to make their jobs as easy as possible.

We want to free up their time by assisting with eliminating red tape, board/staff issues, logistics, materials, fundraising, strategic planning and vision casting.

We daily ask the question, how can we help these workers in the best way possible so that every child on every island in every nation is reached?

It was a joy and a privilege to have face to face time with nearly every CEF national worker we serve, and see so many of our fellow CEF friends and coworkers!

Thanks to technology, as long as I have access to the internet and/or a phone, I can do my job from almost anywhere in the world. However, there is nothing like spending invaluable face-to-face time with someone, praying with them and hearing their heart and vision for ministry in their country! That was the highlight of this conference for us.

Praise God for the past 80 years of CEF ministry! Please continue to pray for CEF, that the next 80 years would be marked with a further resolve to have Gospel-centered literature, wise leadership decisions and a focus on being a humble servant to the Church globally.

God is faithful!


Sharing Hope in Turks and Caicos!

March 31-April 9 we partnered in short-term ministry with CEF of South Dakota to share the message of hope with 2,079 children in the Turks & Caicos Islands! We were able to reach out with the true meaning of Easter the week before schools in TCI let out for a two week Easter break.

Something that we are very passionate about with short-term ministry is the vital importance of the local church in the local community. We go with the primary goal of helping the local people reach the local children. So we rejoice in saying that we partnered in ministry with 21 local churches and 20 local churches received CEF curriculum! Also, 28 local Bible teachers from nine local churches were trained at a CEF teacher training at Bethany Baptist Church Monday night.

We were able to reach out to every public primary school in the islands of Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos!

Ianthe Pratt Primary School

Oseta Jolly Primary School

Enid Capron Primary School

Doris Robinson Primary School

Hubert James Primary School

Iris Stubbs Primary School

Neat story about our time in South Caicos, one of the teachers is from Jamaica and has family in St. Kitts! Such a small world.

We also ministered in two private primary schools in Provo and South.

Precious Treasures International School

Calvary Christian Preschool

Interestingly enough the principal at CCP (below) trained with CEF forty years ago in Jamaica. It was a special privilege to encourage each of the principals at each of the schools with an appreciation gift!

Last but not least we were able to bless another private primary school (The B.E.S.T. Institute) with teacher appreciation gifts (including the book “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert), and 60-Day Wonder Devotional Books for the children.

Through this trip we were able to share the hope of Jesus Christ with 2,079 children! Of those children, 343 kids came to after-school Easter Party Clubs.

2,084 60-Day devotionals handed out to children

197 Meet the King booklets given to children

4 islands, three of those islands having the very first CEF ministry ever

South Caicos Docks

79 Christian books given to primary school teachers through partnership with The Gospel Coalition International Outreach

One of the most exciting things was that after the teacher training Monday night, two individuals came up to us and asked how they could be a part of leading the local ministry there in TCI. Will you pray for them and pray for me as I continue to share with them the process for coming on staff and the next steps they need to take?

We could not have done this without another great team from CEF of South Dakota. Brittani, Kendra, Winter and Annalise were fantastic, flexible and never complained about anything the entire trip. They were a blessing and encouragement to everyone they met and the children loved interacting with them and hearing them share about the love, hope and joy found in Jesus Christ alone. We are very thankful to Leanne Higgs from Harvest Bible Chapel TCI who was gracious in letting the team stay with her!

All Glory to Jesus Christ for all that HE has done!

Helping Bermuda Reach Every Child!

October 27-31 I was able to help serve CEF of Bermuda as they seek to reach every child in their nation. Dr. Melvyn Bassett is the national leader and he volunteers his time to help develop the CEF ministry there.

More pictures of the national CEF office!

Dr. Melvyn and the CEF Board Chairman

Dr. Melvyn asked me a few months ago if I would consider helping them conduct their first ever event to help raise awareness for CEF in Bermuda. Additionally, I was to help discuss with their new national board the role and function of a thriving national board and best practices in strategic planning.

More pictures from the board meeting, this is the view from the board room they get to use for their meetings!

I was thankful for the opportunity, it was a humbling honor to sit across the table from many highly influential people who care deeply about the future of their country. On their national board they have people who have served as teachers, principals and ministers of government, including one who served as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. God has arranged the right people to lead the CEF ministry in Bermuda so that every child can be reached with the Gospel! It is a privilege to serve them and to help them in ministry as much as we can.

It was a relatively short trip, highly focused and we made the most of our time there. We were able to spend a good bit of time with Dr. Bassett and hear his heart and vision for Child Evangelism Fellowship in Bermuda. We were able to understand better the unique challenges the children face and how a thriving CEF ministry can help local churches meet those needs.

We were able to go to an evening social where we met numerous current ministers of government, doctors, lawyers, the true “movers and shakers” in Bermuda. We were able to tell them about how CEF can help their country’s future by churches reaching out to the children in their communities!

We visited a local church and saw one of our good friends who we went to church with in Turks and Caicos, Abria, who also attends there. That is what is so exciting about ministry in the Caribbean, wherever you go you likely either know someone or have a mutual friend in nearly every country!

The briefing dinner we helped conduct went extremely well by God’s grace, it was a packed house and cast a strong vision for the CEF ministry being established there.

The Christian Youth In Action team shared both their testimonies and in song and they were inspirational to all who attended. We are looking forward to how God uses the results of that dinner to help further the local CEF ministry in Bermuda!

Lastly, on a personal note, I was thankful to have with me a childhood friend, Benjamin Hughes, who was able to assist in ministry and see what we do as missionaries firsthand. It was encouraging personally to have a friend travel with me and was wonderful to introduce him to the people in Bermuda that we have the joy of serving!

CEF Regional Leadership Conference 2016

From August 15-19 the triennial Regional Leadership Conference was held at the international headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Mandi and I had the privilege of helping to coordinate this conference, and it was such a blessing!

It was a growing and stretching experience for us putting on a conference like this, there is so much that takes place behind the scenes that most people do not see when they go to a conference. Additionally, this conference usually takes place in the Caribbean, so planning can become even more complicated. Thankfully we had a wonderful experience working with the event staff at CEF headquarters, and it was a blessing for them to host our regional conference. It’s not everyday the staff at CEF IHQ gets to have fellow staff members from so many countries there in Missouri!

There were 64 people from 17 countries in attendance at this regional leadership conference, all either national leaders or national leadership volunteers (board members, etc…).

The conference was held under the theme “Together We Can”. The goal is to have trained teachers from local churches reaching 2 million children annually across the 27 nations of our region. Not that “we” can do it ourselves apart from Christ, but as all the national leaders and regional team have a singular focus together to “…declare His glory among the nations”, it is possible.

There were many testimonies given by the attendees of how this conference was used by God to challenge them, to encourage them and give them a broader perspective of CEF around the region. Additionally, there is something about getting people together and everyone knowing that they are not alone in ministry.

Often in the nations that Mandi and I serve as missionaries, these national staff members are the only CEF full-time staff serving in their country. If they do not have a good base of volunteers and a strong board, it is easy to get discouraged and even burnt out.

It is vital and essential to pour into the leaders of these countries so every child on every island is reached with the Gospel! Thank you for supporting us as international missionaries with CEF, you are directly a part of these national leaders reaching children and them pouring into local churches.

We give God all the glory for the great success of this conference! One board member said: “This conference has opened my eyes and broadened my vision for what CEF is and how it can impact my country.

Our vision is that each nation in the region has a strong, locally sustainable CEF ministry that is thriving in helping churches disciple children in the Word of God! You are a part of this ministry!

Helping CEF Bahamas Reach Out After Hurricane Joaquin

I received an encouraging email from the CEF national workers in the Bahamas while we were traveling earlier this month! In that email they gave us a detailed report on the distribution of Do You Wonder Why? booklets to children affected by Hurricane Joaquin. Helping to secure cases of these booklets and getting them to these national workers ASAP was one of my first responsibilities in our updated position with CEF.

The aerial view of Long Island after Hurricane Joaquin ripped through the island causing major damage to homes, buildings and property.

The aerial view of Long Island after Hurricane Joaquin ripped through the island causing major damage to homes, buildings and property.

We serve as international missionaries to help national workers reach every child on their island with the Gospel. We were saddened when we heard that one of those national workers, a CEF Instructor of Teachers, was one of the people who lived on an island that was devastated—Acklins. Kate had a school there and she also serves on the CEF Bahamas national board.


Lisa Moss (one of the CEF Bahamas new national workers and is about to go to the Children’s Ministries Institute this fall) sent me this about Kate and what was happening there:

10/5/15, 8:25:56 PM: Lisa Moss: Well the reports are coming in, the south eastern Islands were hit really hard. many persons who were able to travel to Nassau are telling their story and it is a painful one. listening to them i can’t even imagine what they are saying.  Kate, one of CEF’s  IOTs was in Acklins and she told her story and it was heart wrenching. she talked about how they had to go up into the attic of her home away from the water coming on the house.
10/5/15, 8:28:19 PM: Lisa  Moss:  she is also a committee member
10/5, 8:48 PM Lisa  Moss: Pictures of homes flattened, roofs blown off, furniture, clothes, kitchen appliance all in the road. looks like a war zone but we are thankful there was no loss of life.
: the family and just Bahamians in general are coming together to help where ever they can. donations are high.: there was one pastor told of how they were in the church which was a hurricane shelter and the roof blew off. they moved from one area to another until they had to leave the  church in search of safe shelter.they prayed and prayed

The aerial view of Long Island after Hurricane Joaquin ripped through the island causing major damage to homes, buildings and property.

In God’s sovereignty, this Hurricane provided an opportunity to show God’s love and share the Gospel to many children all throughout the Bahamas! We may not understand why it happened, but we do know that when these things happen, children wonder how in the world a loving God could possibly allow this to happen. CEF is there to share the truth with these kids!

Executive Chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation Leslie Miller views damage to a BEC power station in San Salvador. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

Executive Chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation Leslie Miller views damage to a BEC power station in San Salvador. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

Below is the unedited report from CEF Bahamas. YOU had a part in this by praying and supporting us financially! Thank you! 

The Bahamas is an archipelago of about 700 islands and 2,400 uninhabited islets and cays off the east coast of Florida. Only about 30 of the islands are inhabited. New Providence is the seat with where the capital, Nassau, is situated. Other islands include Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera, Andros, Cat Island, San Salvador, Acklins, Crooked Island, Ragged Island, Cat Island, Long Island, Bimini, Berry Islands, Harbour Island, Inagua, Mayaguana.


Hurricane Joaquin developed on September 27 in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm rapidly intensified as it moved toward the Bahamas.

Hurricane Joaquin strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane and remained at that intensity for several days as it lashed the Bahamas. 

Flooding from storm surge and torrential rainfall has been documented on Long Island and Acklins, among other central Bahamas locations. A Weather Underground personal weather station at Pitts Town, Crooked Island, reported winds up to 84 mph before it stopped reporting.

A total blackout was reported on the three hardest-hit islands of the central Bahamas. About 85 percent of the homes in one settlement on Crooked Island were reportedly destroyed.

Much of the damage was centered in the southeastern Bahamas, particularly Crooked Island, Acklins Island, Long Island and San Salvador. The storm ripped roofs from homes, flooded main roads and farms, spoiled wells for drinking water and forced the closure of small airports.

PM Christie said the government planned to ask the U.S., which flew teams out on Saturday, if they can once again assist, but this time with helicopters in order to access Acklins and Crooked islands where the airports were under water.

Flooding hampered government efforts to restore phone service and electricity. Flooding also has isolated residents.
Sean Miller CEF area director for the Northeast Caribbean forwarded 7 boxes of Do You Wonder Why? Booklets to be distributed to the children of the Bahamas.

Booklets were distributed in November 2015, to those islands that were hit hardest by the hurricane, schools and later New Providence.

CEF-Bahamas Board members were instrumental in the delivery of the booklets to schools and islands throughout the country.

Distribution List Report

Glory to God! Thank YOU for being a part of this!