Beach Allen 5 Day Clubs

Last week Sean, myself, Mavis and Vicki (a volunteer we teach with at our Fig Tree Good News Club) taught two separate 5 Day Clubs at Beach Allen Primary School.

All of the schools take what they call the “Test of Standard” at the end of the school year. The test is intense and only those who pass are allowed to go onto the next grade level. Once the tests have been completed, the children stay in school for another month awaiting their scores. This portion of the school year (after the tests) is optional and all of the teachers are busy grading tests. So we have an opportunity to teach 5 Day Clubs in the public schools!

We taught the 5th and 6th graders in one club, and the 3rd-4th graders in the other.

The week started off a little crazy. Mavis came on Monday very sick and although she pushed through that day, she was out until Friday. Vicki’s knee became swollen and painful on Tuesday and she ended up missing the last two days of club. The 2nd and 3rd graders had NO school teachers on Monday at all… it was complete anarchy! But as the week went on the kids in both clubs listened more and more. On Thursday Sean was able to counsel a 5th grader, Aaliyah, who made a profession of faith in Christ!



Maddy praying


Vicki teaching the memory verse


Sunglasses are a must for 5 Day Club


Mavis teaching the Bible lesson


It’s so tiring!


The girls LOVED Maddy


Sean teaching the memory verse on Friday


They don’t look like it but the boys really wanted their picture taken!


Aaliyah showing her Flipper-Flapper


We thought Maddy was using the Flipper-Flapper to share the Gospel with this teacher… they were actually talking about princesses!


Playing Uno after Club… they smoked Sean!


Saying bye to some of the girls


Posing by the van before we left on Friday

We just love the kids at Beach Allen Primary! The mission/senior trip from Alabama a few weeks ago taught the 1st and 2nd graders so we were able to have 5 Day Clubs with the entire school in the month of June!

Mission Trip Team from Ireland!

The team arrives on Saturday! They will be here from July 6th-16th and will be teaching three clubs a day next week. We are so looking forward to working with them. Please pray for the team as they make their final preparations before leaving, pray for them to have smooth travels, for their safety while in St. Kitts and for their fruitfulness in ministry!

We can’t wait to have Irish, Southern and Caribbean accents all in one room… it should be fun!

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