Wednesday morning we found out we were at 95% of our support which meant we were finally approved to go!!

On Monday January 23rd we will fly from Miami to St. Kitts where we will be for the next two years! (Although, we are planning to come home for a few weeks during Christmas).

Today we are bringing all of our boxes and other things to a trucking company near Mobile where they will be driven to Miami and then shipped by boat to St. Kitts.

On Friday we will make sure our suitcases are completely packed and we will pick up a rental car.

Saturday we are driving down to southern Florida (Ft. Pierce) to stay with some friends. The drive takes 11 hours without kids. 😉 It will probably take us about 13 hours or so!

Monday morning we will drive to Miami, drop off our rental and fly to St. Kitts!

Our flight is scheduled to arrive at 3:20pm (or 1:20 central time).

We are very excited but really nervous too! There are still some issues that need to be worked out with customs and the board chairman in St. Kitts is trying to get it all straightened out. It doesn’t affect us going there on Monday but we might have an interesting time trying to get through customs!

Next week we will be trying to get a vehicle, getting internet hooked up in our home, going to the grocery store for the first time, getting cell phones with a St. Kitts number and figuring out how to live with just our suitcases! (Thankfully our home is fully furnished so we will obviously be fine).

In the meantime here are a few big prayer requests we have:

– Travel safety (driving and flying)

– For us to not have any issues with Customs in St. Kitts (that they will let us in without a problem)

– For our belongings to arrive safely and quickly

– That we will not be charged a lot of money (taxes) to pick up our things from the port.

– For all of us, especially Maddy, to adjust to life in St. Kitts quickly


Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! We truly can’t express how much we appreciate your partnership!

As soon as we get internet we will update again!

Bye for now! “See” you in St. Kitts!

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