$10,500 Dollar Match!

We got an email last week from a couple who has decided to give a match to our one-time expenses for up to $10,500 dollars! Praise the Lord!

We currently need to raise $21,000 dollars in one-time gifts just to live in St. Kitts. It sounds like a lot… and it is… but if you consider everything you would need to move to another country you will see how quickly everything adds up.

Some of the money is needed to:

– Ship some of our things to St. Kitts (not everything will fit in our suitcases!)

– Travel to and from the country

– Buy a car

– Lots and lots of ministry expenses

And of course, everything in St. Kitts is double and sometimes triple the cost here in America! A car that costs $6,000 here will cost $12,000 there!


So please pray for people to give generously toward this match. We would love to have all of our one-time expenses taken care of as soon as possible. We still need to raise $2,200 dollars in monthly support but it would be wonderful to just focus on one thing.

We feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Support raising always seems to be one of the biggest confirmations to us about God’s call. Each time someone gives to our support it’s like God is saying to us, “I am providing for you because I want you there”.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We truly appreciate them! You can give toward the match or a recurring monthly gift by following the instructions here. Also, please Tweet, Facebook and pass this information on so we can get the full amount of matching funds!

Our Big Yard Sale

Two Saturdays ago we scratched one more thing off of our “getting ready to move to St. Kitts list”… we had a massive yard sale! Even though we will be living in a furnished rental we still wanted to downsize tremendously.

And we definitely did!

The night before our yard sale we stayed up sorting, pricing, sorting, pricing, sorting, pricing… you get the picture. Here are some views of our sun porch with everything on it.

Yard Sale

We were up way before the sun. The yard sale was advertised to go from 6am until noon but people started showing up at 5:15 as we were putting everything out! They even had flash lights with them!

We were able to sell about half of our stuff and made some much needed cash!

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Although we won’t be having more yard sales (we were exhausted!) we are still selling more of our stuff to friends and on craigslist.

It won’t be long before the rest of our possessions are put in storage…