Great News – A Matching Donation!

We are still getting ready for Riley-Grace’s arrival over here… she IS coming sometime in the next two weeks!

But we have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you! A wonderful couple has generously decided to give a matching gift toward our one-time expenses for Turks and Caicos. They will match, dollar for dollar, every donation up to $12,000 given until June 30th!

So, if a person gives $500 toward our one-time costs, that gift is then doubled to $1000!

The one-time expenses are for basically the cost of moving to Turks and Caicos… plane tickets, visas, a vehicle, shipping, etc. Right now, we need $8100 to complete the match, before June 30th.

We rarely use this blog to ask for donations but we felt we MUST get the word out about this! Please, would you consider giving toward this match? And would you please join along with us in prayer for the match to be reached by June 30th?

We still need to raise additional monthly support separate from our one-time costs to move. So if you are considering joining our monthly support team then know this is a separate way of giving altogether. But having all of our one-time expenses covered will help us tremendously. We would then ONLY have to focus on raising our additional monthly support… which could allow us to move to Turks and Caicos in August (our goal).

We are so excited to see how the Lord will use this match!

You can donate online or read instructions about giving in other ways by clicking here. Please specify that your gift is toward the match!

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