In Between Seasons

Summer for us is over. We no longer have any 5Day Clubs scheduled, school has started back for the kids and Ross University has begun it’s new semester. But Fall hasn’t quite picked up yet either.

It seems most everything we have planned for the Fall ministry won’t begin until the end of September. So for the next two weeks we will be doing a lot of office work, support raising and getting ready for teacher training classes. We are also using this time to get back into a routine… Maddy has been a little difficult with having so many people in and out. I’m sure the frequent change is hard on her but as our days become a little more predictable I think she will be a much happier preschooler. 🙂

Although TCE (Teaching Children Effectively Level 1) classes don’t begin until later this month we still have some non-ministry related things to tell you about!

I mentioned it last week but… Sean is officially a college student again! He will be taking classes online with Moody Bible Institute to finish up his undergrad. Moody offers two 8 week terms a semester so his first class doesn’t begin until October. He will only be taking about six hours for each 8 week term. We are really excited about this even though we realize it’s adding more to our “plate”. But is there ever really a perfect time to go back to school?

The Graysons are leaving this week to visit their home in the States. They will be gone for six weeks which means Maddy will be missing her best friend Audri. Brandon Grayson does a radio show every Saturday so Sean was asked to fill in for him while he is gone. He is planning to do a four part series on why churches should be reaching out to children. We are praying for God to use this opportunity to bring in more church partnerships and volunteers.

Sean will also be preaching a three part series on the book of Philippians at our church Caribbean Christian Fellowship. So please be in prayer for him as he prepares!

We are attending a married couples book study this semester (When Sinners Say I Do) with some Ross students and their spouses. We are really looking forward to getting to know some of the other couples here and the opportunity to strengthen our marriage. Marriage in general seems to be under attack here. In the last two years 5 couples somewhat involved with CCF (Caribbean Christian Fellowship) have separated or divorced and adultery is fairly common among the locals.

The weather in the last week has been significantly different. While the temperature is the same, the humidity seems to have lowered. There isn’t a haze on the horizon like there was all summer and in the evening we can be outside and feel comfortable. We are hoping this will stick around and won’t be a fluke. We have about one more month to enjoy barren beaches before the cruise ship season picks up!

Here are some instagram pictures from the last week…

Mavis teaching at our Good News Club in Fig Tree

Mavis at GNC

Maddy has worn a tutu everyday and carries her purse everywhere

Maddy in Tutu with Her Purse

Maddy riding her bike at the empty (for now) cruise ship port

Maddy Riding Her Bike a Port Zante

Maddy and Sean on an ice cream date

Ice Cream Date with Daddy

Beautiful horizon without haze!

Pretty Horizon

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We truly appreciate it!


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