March Proved to be Full

Maddy with the girls at the Nevis Good News Club

Wow! So much has happened since our last update three weeks ago! We are pretty certain our “settling in and adjusting” period is long gone! Nevis Trips Sean was able to visit Nevis on a Saturday afternoon to distribute teaching materials to all of the Good News Club leaders. The following Saturday we all got […]

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Lots of Things in the Works Lately

"Pirate" Ship in St. Kitts

We are getting our visas!!! Visa Progress When we came to St. Kitts in January we were given a temporary tourist visa which recently expired. Other missionaries living here have spent an entire year trying to get their visas so we weren’t too sure how long it would take us. Thankfully, we got a call […]

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A “Mountain Top” Week

Last week was wonderful and very full with lots of “highs” and few “lows”! Playgroup We are continuing to settle into life here. Apart from the power outages, internet outages and increasingly hot weather, St. Kitts is starting to really feel like home. Sometimes we even forget we are living in another country! (At least […]

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Getting Started

St. Kitts Produce

Last week Sean and I picked up a van-load of CEF materials, notebooks, documents, papers and pretty much everything Margaret had from last year. Margaret is a missionary from Guyana who came to St. Kitts last year to put the board together, do some teacher training and get basic ministry started. Her goal was to […]

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An “Easy” Week

Bible Studies, Our First Beach Trip, Board Retreat and Visiting Another Church! Most of last week was fairly slow for us… it seems we are finally starting to settle into a routine. Sean has set up a makeshift office at the end of our kitchen table, so he works most of the day while Maddy […]

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