Getting Started

St. Kitts Produce

Last week Sean and I picked up a van-load of CEF materials, notebooks, documents, papers and pretty much everything Margaret had from last year. Margaret is a missionary from Guyana who came to St. Kitts last year to put the board together, do some teacher training and get basic ministry started. Her goal was to […]

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An “Easy” Week

Bible Studies, Our First Beach Trip, Board Retreat and Visiting Another Church! Most of last week was fairly slow for us… it seems we are finally starting to settle into a routine. Sean has set up a makeshift office at the end of our kitchen table, so he works most of the day while Maddy […]

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Settling In

Our 99 Honday Odyssey

Last week was our “settling in” week… Bible Studies I (Mandi) was able to get plugged into a ladies bible study hosted by Caribbean Christian Fellowship (CCF). This small church is made up of Ross students and their families, medical students and their families and other expatriates living in St. Kitts. Sean started attending the […]

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Our First Week in St. Kitts

We have been in St. Kitts for a little more than a week but it feels like we left home ages ago! What Living in St. Kitts Means So Far… A constant breeze… Keeping the windows open all day and night… Power outages every few days… Lizards, centipedes and monkeys… Swimming in January… Island time… […]

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Wednesday morning we found out we were at 95% of our support which meant we were finally approved to go!! On Monday January 23rd we will fly from Miami to St. Kitts where we will be for the next two years! (Although, we are planning to come home for a few weeks during Christmas). Today […]

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