Pictures of our House

When we were in St. Kitts this November we found a house that was perfect for us just a few hours before we left! Recently we paid our deposit and signed the lease! We are now officially paying rent for our home in St. Kitts!!!

All of this makes us even more eager to get there. It’s so wonderful to know we have a place… our place… waiting for us as soon as we get to the country.

It’s a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment in a two story home. One family is renting the top floor and we are renting the bottom. It’s fully furnished but we are bringing a few things anyway… like our coffee maker, casserole dish, mop and other things that make life a little easier.

Our living room is a decent size and fits three chairs and a love seat! If you had seen the size of other living rooms we looked at you would understand how big this one really is. We are especially going to enjoy the big flat screen tv you see. πŸ™‚

Our Living Room

Here is a view of our dining room with a table that fits eight chairs! This is a huge blessing because many of the places we looked at had “dining tables” that would only fit three chairs.

Our Dining Room

And here is a picture of both the living room and dining room. Notice the french doors with burglar bars? Now we can keep our doors and windows open while we are home (to catch the breeze) and not worry about people walking into our house…

Living Room and Dining Room

Our kitchen has LOTS of storage as you can see! Check out our sink… I’ll be bringing a dish pan or something to soak our dirty dishes. I’ve honestly never seen a single sink like that! And in case you are wondering about a dishwasher… nope… we don’t have one. We can do without a dishwasher but we are grateful to have a washer and dryer!

Our Kitchen

There are two bedrooms… and we will be bringing our own bedding. It will make the place feel more like “us”.

Bedroom One

Bedroom Two

We have two bathrooms but only have one picture. However, they basically look the same. One of the bathrooms also has the dryer in it. Hey, I don’t care where they put it… I am thankful to have one! There aren’t any bathtubs so Maddy will have to learn to shower. Hopefully that will go over well.

Our Bathroom

Sean will probably be working at home for the first few months and there is a desk in the hallway just for him.

Our Desk

Other great features of our house are that it’s on the Atlantic side of the island which means we get a constant breeze from the ocean to cool our house, we have our own dedicated driveway and our yard has a coconut tree, an almond tree and basil plants!

We love this house and can’t wait to move in! Plus, it will be nice not to live out of our suitcases for a while!


  1. Grace says:

    We had a sink like that in our first apartment. It’s a bit of a hassle but a dishpan works pretty well. And it makes sure you keep your sink clean. πŸ™‚
    Looks like a lovely house.

  2. Matt Kemp says:

    It looks so awesome! We’re praying for you guys! That Atlantic tropical breeze sounds soooo wonderful! Naomi says you guys have to send us a coconut in the mail since you have a coconut tree, lol. πŸ™‚

    ~The Kemps

  3. It’s so bright and sunny! And definitely bigger than I would have expected.

  4. Tammy Blankenship says:

    Beautiful house. I know you guys are super-excited about moving to St. Kitts. We will continuously pray that God will use you in a mighty way while serving Him in St. Kitts. We love you guys and thank God for the sacrifice you’re making for Him.
    In Christ,

    Tammy Blankenship

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