Our Schedule For The Next Few Months

It’s kind of like a tour of America!

We get questions all the time about where we will be and when… and it gets really confusing when we try to explain it all. Most of our time is fairly set so here it goes:

(If you want to know just the basics then skip to the bottom of the page).


We will be in Texas until this Sunday. On Sunday we will fly from Houston to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a week-long missionary training school. It’s specifically for missionaries in between assignments so we are really looking forward to it!


In Texas now

Colorado: Feb. 23 – Feb. 28


March is full with a trip to Seattle to visit ECC! They have come to St. Kitts on two mission trips and now we have the opportunity to visit them! We will also be in Dallas, back to Houston and then onto Spanish Fort, AL before leaving at the end of the month for CEF Headquarters in Missouri.


Seattle: February 28th – March 5th

Dallas: March 5th – 9th

Houston: 9th – 16th (just for family)

Spanish Fort, AL: 16th through the 27th


In April we will be in Missouri (CEF Headquarters) for a week-long missionary refresher, we are going to the local CEF Banquet in Montgomery (just for the night) and back to Spanish Fort to continue visiting family and friends.

Finally on the 17th we will go back to Montgomery and we will be there until after Riley-Grace is born! We had to get all of our traveling done at once because at some point I won’t be able to anymore!

Breakdown for April

CEF Headquarters in Missouri: March 27th – April 6th

Montgomery for the Banquet: April 7th

Spanish Fort: April 8th – 17th

Montgomery: April 17th – ??? Sometime in June/July


Riley-Grace is due on June 15th and we will be having her in Montgomery… where we would have been for two months already. We are only planning to stay in Montgomery for about 3 weeks or so after she is born. Afterwards we will be back in Spanish Fort with Sean’s family until it’s time for us to move to Turks & Caicos. Our goal is to move in July but it all depends on 1.) when Riley is born and 2.) our support level. We must have 100% of our support raised before we can move. Our “plan” is for Sean to head to Turks & Caicos two weeks before the rest of us come so he can get our house secured, our stuff moved in and our utilities ready to go.  Hopefully he will be able to do this in July when Riley is 6 weeks old and we would follow about two weeks later.

But depending on how our support is coming along that could stretch into August… but hopefully not much longer!

Either way, we will leave Montgomery 3 weeks after Riley is born and will only be back for doctor visits until we move to Turks and Caicos.


So there you have it! Our time until July/August is packed full! We are so excited to see everyone!

Full Breakdown

Now until February 23rd: In Texas

February 23rd – 28th: Colorado Springs, Colorado

February 28th – March 5th: Seattle

March 5th – 9th: Dallas

March 9th – 16th: Houston

March 16th – 27th: Spanish Fort, AL

March 27th – April 6th: Missouri (CEF Headquarters)

April 7th: Montgomery for the CEF Banquet

April 8th – 17th: Spanish Fort, AL

April 17th – Late June/Early July: Montgomery, AL

Late June/Early July – ???: Spanish Fort, AL until we move to Turks & Caicos

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