Teacher Training Testimony

This is why we are here…

Sean and Mavis were able to teach a small training seminar for a local church (Beacon of Hope). We want the people here in St. Kitts and Nevis to have a burden to reach their nation’s children. We want them to become on fire to share the Gospel with every single child and we want them to be equipped to do so!

We were blown away when we received the following email (it is long but worth the read) from one of the seminar participants:

Dear Mavis

I want to thank you and Shawn for the very fruitful sessions which you conducted for the teachers/volunteers/mentors of Beacon of Hope. It was quite refreshing for me personally as I was reminded of methods of dealing with children which I had learnt long ago and had somehow forgotten and it also brought me into a new consciousness of how Jesus loves children and of His redemptive nature and that I should treat them with kindness and love no matter their background or attitude.

All of the reports from the participants were very positive.  The teaching has greatly impacted how they view children and their need to be saved at an early age. It has brought them into the awareness that there are different methods which they can use to get the attention of children without bullying or mistreating them.  It also has been helpful in revealing how children can be evangelized and how they too can carry the message to their peers.  This is very exciting when we look at the potential for the expansion of the kingdom of God and for the ability of children to walk in their God given purpose from a tender age.  One of the teachers said “what a joy, the command of God to evangelize can also be fulfilled by children if we prepare them!”

Many of the teachers used expressions such as “eye opener, innovative techniques, effective implementation, systematic progression, responsive, compassionate, change in mentality, patience is key, engaging God, passing the baton accurately, preparation is vital” in describing the sessions. They spoke about the material being simple but effective and marvelled at how much we were able to cover in three hours.  We just attribute all of this success to the Lord being with us in that training session and caused us to use time effectively so that three days work was done in three hours, for He truly was present.

It also brought out the importance of preparation, of how we need to give our best, for our God deserves the best and His children whom He has placed in our care deserve the best.  It showed us that good preparation would yield better results. How can we teach what we don’t know or tell children to do what we do not practise? Wouldn’t it be hypocrisy? These are some questions that we have been asking ourselves.  One of the things that stuck with me was how Shawn described the end result of just teaching children Bible stories without leading them to salvation.  He said that we would be raising Pharisees.  That was so powerful as an eye opener.  We do not want a set of Pharisees as our seed and so we will endeavour to ensure that the Gospel is included in every session.  I also remember your mention of the fact that we are co-labourers and as such we are not on our own and we are not working for ourselves we are accountable and this requires a certain level of responsibility knowing that we are partnering with God.

Many also found that the methods can be used with their own children as several are single mothers who are also in the process evangelizing their own children.

On behalf of Pastor Gaston Harris and the participants I wish to say thank you for sharing such powerful and transforming methods and not only that but also showing us what the Word of God says to susbstantiate the teachings.

May God continue to increase you more and more in His love and wisdom as you persevere to accomplish His purpose.

Janet Harris
For Beacon of Hope.

Just as with most things, we go through many ups and downs in ministry. There are times when we wonder about the effectiveness of what we are doing. Discouragement seems to veer it’s ugly head ever so often. But receiving emails like this just makes us praise God! He is doing something on this tiny island!

We are so grateful to witness His work!

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