The Seattle Team has Left and Summer is Over

We loved having the Evangelical Chinese Church from Seattle here! Their trip was a little unusual in that we had never met them before. However, they were amazing people, worked really hard and reached many children in St. Kitts! (For those of you in CEF who remember Po… this was his church.)

Seattle Team

They taught four 5Day Clubs, reached 289 children and 18 of them received Christ! They also fixed a house for a recent widow with children… one of whom attends the Grayson’s and Jones’ Awana program and also was part of a 5Day Club.

They made a huge impact on this tiny island and were also a big encouragement to us. They even took us out to dinner for Sean’s birthday and cooked us dinner the night before they left!

Seattle Team teaching 5Day Clubs

Teaching Clubs1

Teaching Clubs2

Teaching Clubs3

Installing Floors


While they were here we experienced Tropical Storm Isaac… which turned out to be fairly uneventful for St. Kitts. We had some wind and a some rain but most of the action happened two islands south of us. For the most part, our 5Day Clubs weren’t much affected! The normally calm Caribbean side of the island though, turned into a churning sea that rose significantly! You can see how high the waves were as they slammed into the road!

Waves from Isaac

We were sad to say goodbye but we did get an extra two days with Marshall and Kim Pennell and Jessica Ching (they coordinated the trip) because their flight was cancelled when Miami airport closed for Isaac.

After the Trip

The week everyone left turned out to be a little crazy. On Monday night Maddy put a bead in her nose and we were about to head to the hospital (which we try to avoid here) when she finally sneezed it out! Two days later she become so sick with a cold that she threw up and literally stayed in bed all day long. On Friday she fell out of her bed and hit her face on the concrete floor… she now has a nice black eye and a cut below her brow that will likely leave a scar. On Sunday Sean preached at a local church for their “Back to School Service” and this week he officially became a college student again! He is taking classes through Moody Bible Institute to finish up his undergrad.

We are trying to settle back into life. We realized this is the first time in three months we had more than a few days without hosting any company. It is taking some getting used to but with so much work to be done, I’m sure we will have a new routine soon.

Fall TCE Classes Start Sept. 25th!

Sean will be teaching a TCE class this fall in St. Kitts and next Spring we will offer one in Nevis. He only recently began advertising the class and we already have a few people signed up! It looks like we will have a good number turn out!

School already started back for the kids so our Good News Clubs will be starting soon too!

It’s hard to believe the summer is over… our time here is going by so quickly! In only a few more months (3 1/2 to be precise) we will be coming home to visit for the holidays, Lord willing, and a year of life in St. Kitts will be behind us…

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  1. […] ECC (Evangelical Chinese Church) from Seattle came last year with a large group… they are returning this week with a much smaller group and we are so excited to see them again! They will be coming with Marshall and Kim Pennell and Jessica Ching. They may have a smaller group but we have a lot of ministry planned for them! They will be teaching a 5 Day Club, helping an elderly man with some basic repairs to his house, hosting a large children’s rally and doing some open air evangelism in downtown Basseterre… not to mention attending a local church where one of the guys will be preaching! The Pennells and Jessica come in today and the rest of the team arrives on Thursday (after a very LONG day of travel). Everyone leaves on Friday the 23rd. […]

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