The Team from Seattle is Here!

Last week was a very busy week for us. Nathan left on Monday and for the rest of the week Sean and I taught a large 5 Day Club (60+ kids) by ourselves! On Thursday afternoon Marshall and Kim Pennell and Jessica Ching arrived in from Florida. On Friday the rest of their team from Seattle arrived in the evening. They were tired from traveling all day but they had no issues getting into the country.

Today (Monday) is their first day of ministry. They are teaching 4 5Day Clubs in the mornings and have a work project in the afternoons. They will be laying tile down, installing cabinets, installing a toilet and painting the inside and outside of house for a recent widow with children. She is currently living in a house with a tarp for a roof and the government has given her a house to move into… but it is nowhere near move in ready. One of her children will be at a 5Day Club the team is teaching this week!

It seems they will be able to reach hundreds of children this week and change the lives of a local family! We are excited to see all that God will do through them!

We would appreciate your prayers for the team and for us!

We also celebrated Sean’s 25th birthday yesterday! Even though things are hectic right now he still had a great day complete with dinner (the team took us out) and an Auburn cake. 🙂

Sean's Birthday Cake

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