CEF Week

The National Board decided to have a CEF week to celebrate our one year anniversary (of having an established office). They wanted to flood the island with CEF promotion and we believe they definitely accomplished their goal!

Monday: Mavis was on ZIZ (the St. Kitts TV station) and both Sean and Mavis had a 30 minute interview on Dominion Radio, one of the Christian radio stations.

Tuesday: Sean and Mavis had an hour long interview on the main secular radio station Winn FM! They spoke about Good News Clubs and that our goal is to have churches teach these clubs inside the public schools. Winn FM is one of the most popular radio stations here and we had a lot of great feedback!

radio interview

Sean and Mavis at Winn FM

We were supposed to have a booth set up at Independence Square in downtown showcasing our curriculum. Unfortunately, the event was rained out.

Wednesday: “Open House Day” for the office. ZIZ, the local TV station, came out to do an on-camera interview. You can watch Sean and Mavis on “national” television below!


Thursday: Sean and Mavis traveled to the other side of the island, St. Paul’s and Dieppe Bay, and taught a Bible lesson in the morning assemblies to 190 kids. All the kids also got a “Gospel Turn Around” tract to have or hand out to someone else!

dieppe bay

Students at Dieppe Bay Primary School

Friday: Concert night! In the evening the National Board hosted a CEF concert at a Girl’s Guides (English equivalent to Girl Scouts) building complete with a full spread of BBQ and sides! A group of kids performed a dance, another did a drama skit and we had a few singers. About 150 people came out to show their support for CEF!


Before the concert began… it was dark so this is the best shot we could get.

I think one of the biggest things about the CEF Week was how little work we actually put into it! Not that we are lazy! But Mavis and the National Board took care of the majority of the details. Although we are still busy with much work, it’s awesome to watch ourselves become less and less needed!

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