Meet Our Good News Club Kids!

Monday we returned to our Good News Club in Fig Tree for the first time in two months!! We were so excited to see the kids again… and they were just as excited to see us!

It seems like they really missed having Good News Club because as we were driving in, there were kids coming out of their houses yelling, “Mr. Sean! Mr. Sean!”

We barely turned the van off before several kids were opening the doors, grabbing our materials and trying to hold Maddy. We had to wait a few minutes before the church was unlocked so while we stood outside the kids opened up our song visuals and started singing!

It is so good to be back. 🙂


A Good News Club in Wisconsin made Christmas cards for our kids and they received them Monday night. They were so thrilled to have cards from other kids in the States! So we made Valentine’s cards for their club in Wisconsin and will be mailing them out this week! Here are the kids showing off their cards.

St. Kitts Good News Club

Good News Club in Fig Tree St. Kitts

Kids at Good News Club in St. Kitts

Kids at Good News Club in St. Kitts

More Kids at Good News Club

Group shot of Kids at Good News Club

Teaching at this club in Fig Tree is one of the highlights of our week! The kids are funny, silly and eager to learn about Christ! We are so thankful for the opportunity to teach them!


  1. Loved seeing all the photos in this post! Reminds me of the kids I met on my mission trip last summer to Dominica. 🙂


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